Escape From Scar City: A Beginner's Guide to Terraforming Part 1

by MysticVerse

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An afrofuturistic, conscious, hip and trip-hop duo featuring the syncopated, lyrical flows and soulful vocal stylings of Raven Looks Deeply and Waxing Moon.

Escape from Scar City: A Beginner’s Guide to Terraforming Part 1 is a multidimensional concept album, eight years in the making, that involves the merging of artistic and literary genres including music, singing, rapping, spoken word, afrofuturistic, philosophical mythos, and theatrical performance art. One of the chief aims of the MysticVerse duo, with the release of this epic project, is to spearhead the birth of a new genre of performance art coined, “Afrofuturo, Hip-Gnostic, Space Hopera.” Afrofuturo, Hip-Gnostic, Space Hopera is a colorfully expressive, ritualistic and theatrical art form designed to achieve the following: stir a fanciful sense of awe-inspiring wonder with the use of mystical imagery and ambiance, enlighten minds with lyrics containing pearls of esoteric wisdom, and spawn a cultural revolution that favors free-spirit self-determinism over docile, systematic servitude and champions the concern for the welfare and wellbeing of people over the making of profit without principle. The intent of MysticVerse is evident in a lyrical quote taken from Raven Looks Deeply off one of the tracks on the album titled Bang!Zooom!!! “Spitting refining fyah (fire yielding alchemical heat) for all those who desire to ignite that inner light guaranteed to inspire.” More of this intent is also represented in a quote from Waxing Moon off the album track titled Terraforming. “Waxing Moon’s only rule on this ride, I just want you to be; goin’ inside where the kingdom lies we setting you free.”


released May 20, 2016

Written and performed by Raven Looks Deeply and Waxing Moon for One Face Entertainment and B. Swift Works

Produced by Sky Page for B. Swift Works, and Molekular (Tracks 7,13)

2016 (c) One Face Entertainment
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


MysticVerse Dallas, Texas

MysticVerse is an afrofuturistic, conscious, hip and trip-hop duo featuring the syncopated, lyrical flows and soulful vocal stylings of Raven Looks Deeply (aka Brenian Swift) and Waxing Moon (aka Mokah Soulfly). The music is a combination of dubby, tribal rhythms and afrofuturistic, new wave-techno-funk soundscapes courtesy of first-time, indie producer, Sky Page (aka Brenian Swift. ... more

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Track Name: Lost In A Daze
Verse 1
Igniting an inferno
In my nocturnal journal
Filled with the spirit and power
Of the eternal

Transcending the globe
In that voidian probe
Digital hermit
Decked in a dark robe

Sick of the sickness
And cutthroat business
Getting back
To the spiritual fitness

Treating the cabbage
Like excess baggage
On a long trail
Something rugged and jagged

Few dare follow
Hearts beat hollow
Living in fear
Like there’s no tomorrow

Still I seek
Out the infinite
The devil’s limit
Transcending it

Abandon the mortals
Leaping through
On red alert
No time to be cordial

Listen to me Broham
Don’t be a program
Beware Babylon
Queen of the damned

Lost in a daze, trapped in a maze
Of effed up consequences
Stuck on the Earth, cursed with a thirst
The pig system never quenches

Verse 2
If I die
Before I wake
From these haters
Snakes, fakes and flakes

I pray the lord Jah
My soul to take
Beyond Babylon
Into Zion’s gates

Until then I refuse
To bend
Mufasa Rasta
In the lion’s den

In the footsteps
Of Malik Shabazz
Spirit moonwalking
On that holy grass

Like brother Che
Keep the pigs at bay
While pop weasel clones
Get caught in the fray

No love lost
No tears shed
For the battlefield
Ogun warrior bred

Got no time
To fool with a blind
Dead and dumb system
That don’t wanna listen

I’m on that
Revolution ish
Giving youg fools tools
To learn how to fish

Verse 3
Fear long gone
Cadence strong
Delving deep
In the mystic unknown

Will I survive
This industrial hell
On the question don’t dwell
Only time will tell

Breathing in Zen
Ego made thin
In meditaion
Shedding old skin

Putting in work
To build a house of brick
A fortress thick
With no straw or stick

Severing ties
With fools and flies
Ears made deaf
To the blood clot cries

Sheep no more
Long wolf to the core
Knocking on the door
In the heavens I soar

Queen Mother Goddess
Calling out me
To break these chains
And set the warriors free

Breed new seeds
To rise above the weeds
To never get choked
By the fear and the greed
Track Name: Bang! Zoom!!!
Verse 1
Born to be that astral-naut
Outside yah box
Not yah jump-ropes or hurdles
But yah planets I hop

From my rooter to my tooter
Potbelly breathing waking Buddha
Drifting off the mantra aum
Ah vibe to keep my mind calm

I stay trance-state tripping
While hamster wheels keep ah flipping
Picture my inner child
From some egos far skipping

Those who know they don’t speak
Those who speak they don’t know
Why ah need for so many words
When yah actions are bound to show

Surrounded by soul sandbaggers
Heavy yoke draggers
Stalked by shadows in the night
Carrying concealed daggers

Peeping with my third
Sky-high soaring like a bird
Keeping it light as a feather
Despite that bad karmic weather

The spirit bounces back
Like that kangaroo Jack
Intuit solids to fluid
Shapeshifting like that

Called by the infinite beyond
Pass the walls of Babylon
Not possessed by the material
Never that pawn of the imperial

Bang! Zooom!!!
Cosmic blooms
Done transformed
An ordinary afternoon

Mojo bubble bubble
It’s mo toil and trouble
Messing with me
Yah mofos getting double

Bang! Zooom!!!
Cosmic blooms
Done transformed
An ordinary afternoon

Mojo bubble, bubble
It’s mo toil and trouble
That Space Camp tribe
Solidified in the struggle

Verse 2
Try though they may
To say the truth don’t pay
From the talk that I walk
Never too far do I stray

The life of a dubterranean
Penetrating craniums
Ripping and whipping tracks
Like that devil Tasmanian

For far too long
I been barred from the zone
A prisoner on planet Earth
Making my head my home

Always working steady searching
Heart hoping to find
The real me
Beyond that concentration camp frame of mind

But it was looking through
Yo narrow point of view
You sought to kill in me
What was foreign to you

But somehow I managed
To skip and hop planets
To return ready to burn
That dragon doing damaged

Spitting refining fyah
For all those who desire
To ignite that inner light
Guaranteed to inspire

Time to wakeup, they tryna breakup
Those who shakeup
The people sleepwalking
While the architects are stalking

Verse 3
No jingle jam bruh
I spit that yoga fyah
Like do or dyah
I take that ish to the wire

Natural mystic on the beat
Setting flame to the streets
In a black backpack
This bomber packing major heat

Picture bridges burning
Them tables turning
Young fools is learning
We gots to find better ways for couping earnings

Sick of hearing pop weasels
Thinking they cock diesel
With no works of art
Just mo bullshit on their isles

It’s Brenian Swift
Awaken the dead I go fed
Rearrange yah mind frame
Like purple haze do the head

Proverbial armor
As a shield from bad karma
In a land that’s rule by the hand
of the snake charmer

To lessen up the stressing
Of them pigs down-pressing
I treat every moment with my peeps
Like a blessing

Doubting the superiority
Of western authority
With screwed up mathematics
Telling us that we the minority
Track Name: Traveling
Traveling on a road few dare to travel
And every single step of the way the ugly truth unravels
Never knew/found a place called home
Feeling again as if I’m on my own/all alone

Verse 1
What is fear to that man
That’s done looked into the eyes of death
Racking his brains
Till his sanity he had none left

Flesh be for a moment
But spirit is forever
To escape from the wheel
All ties I sought to sever

No love, no loss
The deeper the desire the greater the cost
Fell in love with this bitch
And soon my hopes got tossed

Treating most like potholes
Things to be avoided
Or else like paper towels
To be used and then discarded

From the rest of the flock had I parted
To become a lone wolf
Down this narrow path I started

The folly of fools
Creating ripples in my mental pool
Kept me searching
For that fortress steeped in solitude

Matter of mind
Mind over the matter
Learn to deny my flesh
To make my spirit fatter

When the monkey stop babbling
Phoenix wings start unraveling
And it was on that day
My feets began traveling

Verse 2
Soul pinning, mining
For that platinum lining
Desperate like a vulture
On a carcass dinning

Looking to save my seeds
From a fat man’s greed
Eyes paining and straining
Until they start to bleed

Machine draining
Feeling like ah zombie in training
Losing sight of the light
While the darkness is gaining

Wondering could I, will I
Ever live to see I
Fly in the blue sky
Free to let that Raven cry

Freedom from valley to valley
And crest to crest
The inner in the womb
Like an egg in its nest

Ready to hatch
And snatch back the power
Before the Reaper
Marks the final hour

Talking about the point
Of no return
Where the bridge left behind
Is now the bridge that burns

The call of the primal
Echoes up my spinal
Living everyday
Like it could be my final
Track Name: Heart Of The Lantern Light
Verse 1
Flames shootin’ from the bottom of my shoes, I got rocket fuel.
Meditatin’, elevatin’, dive within to find the tools.
More conscious than the average, hoppin planets and travelin
Solar flares of truth, I’mma throw till the lies unravel, and
Marionettes marryin that info you been sold
The architects are busy keepin paper from the poor
With real eyes the treasure that I see is in my soul
The power to create keeps me in heaven and afloat.
The destiny laid out in front of me is what I make it
So be enlightened by the way that I control the matrix
I moving about the galaxy, tapping into the energy
Sharing the light, and the love, that I’m hoping you return to me
One day you’ll see the glow, it leaves a bright and shiny path
No stain upon me homie, I’m the artist and the staff
Thankful for the moments, that have occurred, I’m leavin’ em in the past
Welcome aboard this spaceship, we movin’ forward fast.

Hearts full of that Lantern Light,
Taking off on a mystic flight
Let the journey begin
No matter what fate awaits me,
Gonna let the spirit take me,
I’m walking on wind

Verse 2
We so far gone
Traveling deep in the unknown
Way off in the zone
With that hyper drive on

Tribal electronic, cyber sonic
Dark knight
On another mystic flight

Headed to a place
Clones dare not come near
Knowing it’s the truth
And the shadow that they fear

Feeling hunky-dory
Steady grinding in the laboratory
While fools seek the limelight
Suckers for that ego glory

Sent on a mission
To do major demolition
To the punk ass industry
With this antimatter ministry

Separating molecules
To reinfuse
Zen be the tool I use
To stabilize the jet fuel

Running through my veins
As I ascend to higher plains
Gathering up the chi
Trying to break these mortal chains

It’s the one who flew over the cuckoo
Spitting that verbal voodoo
Lungs huffing and puffing
Like ah locomotive choo choo

Verse 3

With flows interdimensional, thoughts unconventional,
Clones in the game still want proof our credentials
Old school graduates, hip hop college of self knowledge
This house built on spirit, sticks and stones can never demolish
Rude boy, rude girl, terrorizing your corporate clone world
You culture vultures cannot seize these solomonic pearls of wisdom
Provided over these intergalactic rhythms
Spiritual beacons of truth, reflecting light like a prism

Told to go to hell
So hell is what we give’em
Never shedding a tear
Whenever that karma comes to get’em

Once a slave to the grind
Stricken with a brainwashed mind
Till reality became the savior
Restoring sight to the blind

Systems wicked
So children or wicked
Taught to do as the Romans do
Or else get evicted can you dig it?

Gotta break the mold
To regain control of your soul
When you take yah power back
Watch how these Cracker Jacks fold
Track Name: Rebel Dreamers
Verse 1
Sick of being pawn
To a madman’s scheme
Clones telling us
To sideline our dreams

Got us running
On a hamster’s wheel
Driven insane by the yang
With a heart that don’t feel

Feeding our young
To the machine
Till they all about the cheddar
All about the cream

Getting the green
By any means
Living life void of light
Or seldom seen

Cursed with a heart
Full of darkness
Searching for ways in this maze
To try and spark this

Until what was lost
Has been rekindled
Turning straw to gold
At the spindle

Wind Walkers
Stepping out on nothing
Up the crystal stairs of life
We trucking

Into the halls
Of Mount Olympus
Where worldly charms
Can no longer tempt us
Like Music to my ears
Beyond the Tyrannical voices,
A message loud and clear
Rebel Dreamers, rebel dreamers, rebel dreamers
Within lies the way

Verse 2
What if there was an apocalypse, I be prepared for the aftermath
Such a disgrace how you fix your lips
Jokers like you makin’ filthy rich
Third eye sees that you’re oozing with lies
Gut steady tellin’ me you’re fakin’ the funk
Just seek the truth and you will find, that it’s not a surprise
I’m givin’ you a taste of this alien love
Every now and then, I imagine I’m a monk
Living way up in the clouds somewhere
Laughin’ and rappin’ and singin’ my song
Sharing my love and pickin my hair
Sick and tired of being sick and tired,
Mystical minds
Fighting the power is the antidote,
See the signs?
Needy will overcome the greedy
Look at the math and the numbers,
Open up and Look at the science.

Verse 3
Feeling foot loose, And fancy free
Mystery makin’ us dive in deep
Travel with no fear, On a new frontier
Bumper sticker on the ship says we outta here
Removing veils, Hoisting up sails
Power by the people may the truth prevail
Spirit moving in the batter, Shapeshifting matter
Servin up love hot and fresh on the platter
To hungry souls, Made hard by the cold
Racing and chasin for a bit of fools gold
When within, The true treasure lies
For the spirit eternal, hope never dies
The two in the one, Sent to get the job done
Won’t stop moving till the kingdom comes
Raven by the light Of the Waxing Moon
Into the mystic verse we zoom
Track Name: Terraforming
Souls floating
In underwater wonderland
To the tick tock of a clock
With no hands

A child of Venus
Born to vibe
Traveling in my spacecraft
Is how I stay alive

With aquatic telepathy
Rally the youth to cut loose
In spiritual revelry

Oh dog-eat-dog system
Where did you come from?
Like ah poison
Making human hearts feel numb

No class, kingdom, phylum
In this Space Camp asylum
Forming one species
On this intergalactic island

Come one, come all
If you truly heed the call
On this road of life
The engine of love never stalls

Spirits terraforming
Muses swarming
Round humble heads
With crowns of wisdom adorning

Fearless Wind Walkers
Stepping out on faith
With bold butterfly wings
Do we elevate

Verse 2
Come and hop in my cosmic cab, take a journey where the lost is found
Floatin’ high way above the ground
Nothing you can say or do can ever hold me down
Rose colored locs, freed me from the rope
Smile so enchanting see me beaming through the smoke
The bullets in ya chamber can not penetrate my field
The love and truth that I been serving up is quite a hefty meal
Consciously creatin planets fillin up the space
Radiating energy and steady suring up the case
I’m innocent, you’re charging me with kidnap, run it back
You wakin up from mind control, sit back and relax
No drug can ever get us to the high where we at
We unified and pushin peace, a massive attack
Waxing Moon’s only rule on this ride, I just want you to be
Goin’ inside where the kingdom lies, we settin’ you free

Verse 3
No victim of the brainwash leprosy,
armed with the voodoo charms and mystic weaponry
With a style so hard
Like oh my Lord
Got’em throwing in the towel
To the referee

It’s the field we devour, unleashing the power,
with the spirit probe, it’s the globe we scour
Looking for those
Who be ready to roll
Not slaves to the grave
On remote control

Some mystical veterans light years ahead of them,
with seeds of greed, yes indeed they embedded them
That’s why we got beef
With the architects
Strive to break from the snakes
And to reconnect

Piece by piece, uniting West with the East,
Livin’ off love to escape the beast
As we dared and prepared
To make the trip
While the dead misled
Wait for grips to slip

But we stay on it, and treat it like we want it,
nothing more, but that freedom galore
Knowing love and hate
Can be fellow cellmates
We shedding sheepskin
Wolves up outta the gates
Track Name: That One Time At Space Camp
That one time at space camp – when I lost my helmet

I was Floating…
Among the stars
Off to Mars
Between Deep Ellum Bars
While Driving Cars
Up and Down the Streets
On and Off Beat!
Like a leaf on the creek
Up out my sneaks
With my friends
Near the end
To a new begin
With a Chesshire grin
With Buddhy and Christ
Feeling Oh so nice!
With Indian Chiefs
Beyond Beliefs

This is ground control, to majorette Tom
Don’t you be alarmed, Just put your helmet Back on

I was Floating…
Beyond controls
With a wanderers soul
Back to Pangea,
Floating Like the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

In search of a new world (repeat)

That One time at space camp, when I lost my helmet.