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Verse 1
Born to be that astral-naut
Outside yah box
Not yah jump-ropes or hurdles
But yah planets I hop

From my rooter to my tooter
Potbelly breathing waking Buddha
Drifting off the mantra aum
Ah vibe to keep my mind calm

I stay trance-state tripping
While hamster wheels keep ah flipping
Picture my inner child
From some egos far skipping

Those who know they don’t speak
Those who speak they don’t know
Why ah need for so many words
When yah actions are bound to show

Surrounded by soul sandbaggers
Heavy yoke draggers
Stalked by shadows in the night
Carrying concealed daggers

Peeping with my third
Sky-high soaring like a bird
Keeping it light as a feather
Despite that bad karmic weather

The spirit bounces back
Like that kangaroo Jack
Intuit solids to fluid
Shapeshifting like that

Called by the infinite beyond
Pass the walls of Babylon
Not possessed by the material
Never that pawn of the imperial

Bang! Zooom!!!
Cosmic blooms
Done transformed
An ordinary afternoon

Mojo bubble bubble
It’s mo toil and trouble
Messing with me
Yah mofos getting double

Bang! Zooom!!!
Cosmic blooms
Done transformed
An ordinary afternoon

Mojo bubble, bubble
It’s mo toil and trouble
That Space Camp tribe
Solidified in the struggle

Verse 2
Try though they may
To say the truth don’t pay
From the talk that I walk
Never too far do I stray

The life of a dubterranean
Penetrating craniums
Ripping and whipping tracks
Like that devil Tasmanian

For far too long
I been barred from the zone
A prisoner on planet Earth
Making my head my home

Always working steady searching
Heart hoping to find
The real me
Beyond that concentration camp frame of mind

But it was looking through
Yo narrow point of view
You sought to kill in me
What was foreign to you

But somehow I managed
To skip and hop planets
To return ready to burn
That dragon doing damaged

Spitting refining fyah
For all those who desire
To ignite that inner light
Guaranteed to inspire

Time to wakeup, they tryna breakup
Those who shakeup
The people sleepwalking
While the architects are stalking

Verse 3
No jingle jam bruh
I spit that yoga fyah
Like do or dyah
I take that ish to the wire

Natural mystic on the beat
Setting flame to the streets
In a black backpack
This bomber packing major heat

Picture bridges burning
Them tables turning
Young fools is learning
We gots to find better ways for couping earnings

Sick of hearing pop weasels
Thinking they cock diesel
With no works of art
Just mo bullshit on their isles

It’s Brenian Swift
Awaken the dead I go fed
Rearrange yah mind frame
Like purple haze do the head

Proverbial armor
As a shield from bad karma
In a land that’s rule by the hand
of the snake charmer

To lessen up the stressing
Of them pigs down-pressing
I treat every moment with my peeps
Like a blessing

Doubting the superiority
Of western authority
With screwed up mathematics
Telling us that we the minority


from Escape From Scar City: A Beginner's Guide to Terraforming Part 1, released May 20, 2016
Produced by Sky Page. Written and performed by Raven Looks Deeply. Vocals by Waxing Moon.



all rights reserved


MysticVerse Dallas, Texas

MysticVerse is an afrofuturistic, conscious, hip and trip-hop duo featuring the syncopated, lyrical flows and soulful vocal stylings of Raven Looks Deeply (aka Brenian Swift) and Waxing Moon (aka Mokah Soulfly). The music is a combination of dubby, tribal rhythms and afrofuturistic, new wave-techno-funk soundscapes courtesy of first-time, indie producer, Sky Page (aka Brenian Swift. ... more

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