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Verse 1
Flames shootin’ from the bottom of my shoes, I got rocket fuel.
Meditatin’, elevatin’, dive within to find the tools.
More conscious than the average, hoppin planets and travelin
Solar flares of truth, I’mma throw till the lies unravel, and
Marionettes marryin that info you been sold
The architects are busy keepin paper from the poor
With real eyes the treasure that I see is in my soul
The power to create keeps me in heaven and afloat.
The destiny laid out in front of me is what I make it
So be enlightened by the way that I control the matrix
I moving about the galaxy, tapping into the energy
Sharing the light, and the love, that I’m hoping you return to me
One day you’ll see the glow, it leaves a bright and shiny path
No stain upon me homie, I’m the artist and the staff
Thankful for the moments, that have occurred, I’m leavin’ em in the past
Welcome aboard this spaceship, we movin’ forward fast.

Hearts full of that Lantern Light,
Taking off on a mystic flight
Let the journey begin
No matter what fate awaits me,
Gonna let the spirit take me,
I’m walking on wind

Verse 2
We so far gone
Traveling deep in the unknown
Way off in the zone
With that hyper drive on

Tribal electronic, cyber sonic
Dark knight
On another mystic flight

Headed to a place
Clones dare not come near
Knowing it’s the truth
And the shadow that they fear

Feeling hunky-dory
Steady grinding in the laboratory
While fools seek the limelight
Suckers for that ego glory

Sent on a mission
To do major demolition
To the punk ass industry
With this antimatter ministry

Separating molecules
To reinfuse
Zen be the tool I use
To stabilize the jet fuel

Running through my veins
As I ascend to higher plains
Gathering up the chi
Trying to break these mortal chains

It’s the one who flew over the cuckoo
Spitting that verbal voodoo
Lungs huffing and puffing
Like ah locomotive choo choo

Verse 3

With flows interdimensional, thoughts unconventional,
Clones in the game still want proof our credentials
Old school graduates, hip hop college of self knowledge
This house built on spirit, sticks and stones can never demolish
Rude boy, rude girl, terrorizing your corporate clone world
You culture vultures cannot seize these solomonic pearls of wisdom
Provided over these intergalactic rhythms
Spiritual beacons of truth, reflecting light like a prism

Told to go to hell
So hell is what we give’em
Never shedding a tear
Whenever that karma comes to get’em

Once a slave to the grind
Stricken with a brainwashed mind
Till reality became the savior
Restoring sight to the blind

Systems wicked
So children or wicked
Taught to do as the Romans do
Or else get evicted can you dig it?

Gotta break the mold
To regain control of your soul
When you take yah power back
Watch how these Cracker Jacks fold


from Escape From Scar City: A Beginner's Guide to Terraforming Part 1, released May 20, 2016
Produced by Sky Page for B. Swift Works. Written and performed by Raven Looks Deeply and Waxing Moon for One Face Ent.



all rights reserved


MysticVerse Dallas, Texas

MysticVerse is an afrofuturistic, conscious, hip and trip-hop duo featuring the syncopated, lyrical flows and soulful vocal stylings of Raven Looks Deeply (aka Brenian Swift) and Waxing Moon (aka Mokah Soulfly). The music is a combination of dubby, tribal rhythms and afrofuturistic, new wave-techno-funk soundscapes courtesy of first-time, indie producer, Sky Page (aka Brenian Swift. ... more

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