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Souls floating
In underwater wonderland
To the tick tock of a clock
With no hands

A child of Venus
Born to vibe
Traveling in my spacecraft
Is how I stay alive

With aquatic telepathy
Rally the youth to cut loose
In spiritual revelry

Oh dog-eat-dog system
Where did you come from?
Like ah poison
Making human hearts feel numb

No class, kingdom, phylum
In this Space Camp asylum
Forming one species
On this intergalactic island

Come one, come all
If you truly heed the call
On this road of life
The engine of love never stalls

Spirits terraforming
Muses swarming
Round humble heads
With crowns of wisdom adorning

Fearless Wind Walkers
Stepping out on faith
With bold butterfly wings
Do we elevate

Verse 2
Come and hop in my cosmic cab, take a journey where the lost is found
Floatin’ high way above the ground
Nothing you can say or do can ever hold me down
Rose colored locs, freed me from the rope
Smile so enchanting see me beaming through the smoke
The bullets in ya chamber can not penetrate my field
The love and truth that I been serving up is quite a hefty meal
Consciously creatin planets fillin up the space
Radiating energy and steady suring up the case
I’m innocent, you’re charging me with kidnap, run it back
You wakin up from mind control, sit back and relax
No drug can ever get us to the high where we at
We unified and pushin peace, a massive attack
Waxing Moon’s only rule on this ride, I just want you to be
Goin’ inside where the kingdom lies, we settin’ you free

Verse 3
No victim of the brainwash leprosy,
armed with the voodoo charms and mystic weaponry
With a style so hard
Like oh my Lord
Got’em throwing in the towel
To the referee

It’s the field we devour, unleashing the power,
with the spirit probe, it’s the globe we scour
Looking for those
Who be ready to roll
Not slaves to the grave
On remote control

Some mystical veterans light years ahead of them,
with seeds of greed, yes indeed they embedded them
That’s why we got beef
With the architects
Strive to break from the snakes
And to reconnect

Piece by piece, uniting West with the East,
Livin’ off love to escape the beast
As we dared and prepared
To make the trip
While the dead misled
Wait for grips to slip

But we stay on it, and treat it like we want it,
nothing more, but that freedom galore
Knowing love and hate
Can be fellow cellmates
We shedding sheepskin
Wolves up outta the gates


from Escape From Scar City: A Beginner's Guide to Terraforming Part 1, released May 20, 2016
Produced by Sky Page for B. Swift Works. Written and performed by Raven Looks Deeply and Waxing Moon for One Face Ent.



all rights reserved


MysticVerse Dallas, Texas

MysticVerse is an afrofuturistic, conscious, hip and trip-hop duo featuring the syncopated, lyrical flows and soulful vocal stylings of Raven Looks Deeply (aka Brenian Swift) and Waxing Moon (aka Mokah Soulfly). The music is a combination of dubby, tribal rhythms and afrofuturistic, new wave-techno-funk soundscapes courtesy of first-time, indie producer, Sky Page (aka Brenian Swift. ... more

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